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The Epicenter Isn’t Really a Big Center

By Dylan Wiliam There is a long-standing schism amongst people who write dictionaries. Some think dictionaries ought to provide the correct usage of words, while others think dictionaries should reflect how words are used. For example, the word meld, which used to mean show (as in the card game Bezique) is now used as if […]

More Questions From My Readers

By Dylan Wiliam If you missed last month’s post, click here to see the first few questions I addressed. This month, I’ll answer a few more questions that readers have sent me recently. Question 4 As a school administrator for more than 20 years now, I find it is easier to support and help the weaker […]

Benjamin Bloom and the Two-Standard-Deviation Effect

By Dylan Wiliam In a 1984 paper, Benjamin Bloom reckoned that one-on-one tutorial instruction had an impact of two standard deviations on student achievement, but this claim is meaningless unless the sensitivity to instruction of the measure of achievement is specified. For example, standardized tests such as NAEP or TIMSS are relatively insensitive to instruction. […]

TLC meetings create accountability to help teachers implement their plans.

Changing What Teachers Do is More Important Than Changing What They Know

Content, Then Process In professional development, the details matter. And process should always come after content. In previous blog posts, I’ve written a lot about the content of formative assessment; namely the five key strategies and associated practical techniques. But now is the time to start thinking about the process. In other words, we have […]