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Press Conference

Press Conference: Comprehensive and Balanced Assessment Systems On March 27, four of the world’s top authorities on formative assessment will release a paper about urgent equity problems they’ve discovered in American assessment systems. “Most current district assessment systems are not comprehensive or balanced,” say the authors. “The most vulnerable, especially students who struggle, students of […]

Dylan Wiliam: A move to combat ‘folk teaching’

Featuring Dylan Wiliam, author of Creating the Schools our Children Need and best-seller Embedding Formative Assessment.This article was originally published on on Oct 30, 2018. Written by Avi Wolfman-Arent/Keystone Crossroads A move to combat ‘folk teaching,’ conference connecting teachers with researchers comes to Pa. On Saturday morning in North Philadelphia, a confident British man named Dylan Wiliam stood before about […]

EFA Pack Webinar

How Formative Assessment drove down PD costs to almost nil and increased learning by 25% A great deal of research focuses on what we might call the researcher’s question: “If teachers do this, do children learn more?” The problem is we need to be sure whether formative assessment causes higher achievement or not. It could […]

Forbes Magazine: Expert Dylan Wiliam Comments on Teacher Strikes for Smaller Classrooms

This article was originally published in Forbes Magazine. Article written by Natalie Wexler   Striking teachers in Los Angeles are complaining about the number of students in their classes, which can go as high as 46. While many teachers and parents see benefits in smaller classes, they’re costly, and the evidence they boost achievement is slim. […]

TLC meetings create accountability to help teachers implement their plans.

Changing What Teachers Do is More Important Than Changing What They Know

Content, Then Process In professional development, the details matter. And process should always come after content. In previous blog posts, I’ve written a lot about the content of formative assessment; namely the five key strategies and associated practical techniques. But now is the time to start thinking about the process. In other words, we have […]

We are all better at spotting mistakes in the work of others

Practical Ideas for Classroom Formative Assessment

By Dylan Wiliam Why I wrote my new book My latest book, written with Siobhán Leahy, is designed specifically to help individual teachers who want to develop their practice of formative assessment on their own or with small groups of colleagues. In this blog, I provide some suggestions for practical techniques you can try in […]