Formative Assessment National Conference
Grading Policies and Practices
Expert Panel Discussion

“Grading is essential in American schools. We have to have measures of how much the students have learned. The trouble is the way it’s done in many schools, grading gets in the way of learning.”

—Dr. Dylan Wiliam

At the 3rd annual Formative Assessment National Conference, Dylan Wiliam, Susan Brookhart, Tom Guskey, and Jay McTighe will tackle the elephant in the room: grading. Don’t miss this historic panel discussion, as four of the world’s foremost assessment experts explore the critical need to develop effective, equitable grading practices that:

  • Assure students sufficient formative (learning and practice) opportunities
  • Convey to teachers where each student is on intended learning outcomes
  • Help learners understand their progress and what they’re on track to do next
  • Support and motivate students to participate in formative learning

In an exclusive reception right after the panel discussion, you’ll have a chance to interact with the panelists and ask questions about your own district. This is an amazing opportunity. Register now to be there, July 29-31 at the University of Maryland.

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