Embedding Formative Assessment Online PD

Help overcome lost learning with this easy to understand, cost-efficient professional development from one of the world’s most renown formative assessment experts, Dylan Wiliam.

Designed around Wiliam’s best-selling book, Embedding Formative Assessment, Practical Techniques for K-12 Classrooms, that he co-authored with Siobhán Leahy, this comprehensive multimedia program provides school leaders with a complete set of print and visual tools targeted at changing teacher practice including a variety of proven techniques for implementing formative assessment.

No known practice is more effective for producing a significant positive impact on student achievement and long-term performance results for schools and districts than classroom formative assessment.

The program contains everything needed to hold a high-performance professional development day and 18 monthly follow-up workshops including:

  • Content-rich Year 1 features materials for nine monthly workshops, and supporting printable materials, as well as 6 informational presentations by Dylan Wiliam.
  • Companion Year 2 features materials for nine monthly workshops and includes printable outlines, handouts, agendas, an evaluation form, video case studies and strategies in practice from various schools, and other materials for ongoing teacher learning community workshops.
  • Bonus materials include a PDF version of Dylan Wiliam’s timeless publication Assessment for learning: why, what and how?, plus12 video shorts of Dylan Wiliam’s “Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS)” presentation.
This all-in-one program is indispensable for helping educators reform current instructional systems to:

  • Clarify, share, and understand learning intentions and success criteria
  • Engineer productive discussion and activities that elicit evidence of learning
  • Provide feedback that moves learners forward
  • Activate students as learning resources for each other
  • Motivate students to be owners of their own learning