Embedding Formative Assessment: Chapter 1

Embedding Formative Assessment: Chapter 1


Here’s the first question for our book study. Please discuss your answers in the comments below.

Why should formative assessment be a priority for every teacher?


  1. Formative assessment is a powerful way to understand where your students are on their learning continuum. Being able to correct misconceptions throughout the learning process is valuable.

  2. Formative assessment supports learning during the learning process. Assessment literacy for all educators is a critical as part of the learning cycle. The current educational climate is a “perfect storm” of initiatives and policies, and it is critical that educators have the tools and abilities to use data to inform teaching and learning and change practice. To achieve results, we must instill a sense of collective responsibility for the growth and achievement of all students. Formative assessment is an essential element of good teaching and learning in every classroom.

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