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Grading in a Comprehensive and Balanced Assessment System

By Dylan Wiliam, Susan Brookhart, Jay McTighe, Tom Guskey

Susan Brookhart, Jay McTighe, Tom Guskey, and Dylan Wiliam discussed eight general principles for improving grading practices that they have now published in this timely and insightful paper. They also offer detailed guidance to help schools and districts put these grading principles into action, giving educators, students, and families information they need and want.

Comprehensive and Balanced Assessment Systems

By Dylan Wiliam, Susan Brookhart, Jay McTighe, Rick Stiggins

Brookhart, McTighe, Stiggins, and Wiliam aim to disrupt the way assessment is currently being handled in almost every school in the United States. They know it won’t happen overnight, but for forward-thinking assessment leaders striving to do what’s best for learners, reading this policy paper is an excellent first step.

Optimizing Talent: Closing Educational and Social Mobility Gaps Worldwide

By Dylan Wiliam

Improving educational achievement is a top priority worldwide. In fact, global economic prosperity depends upon it. But improved educational outcomes have been difficult to attain or maintain, despite the staggering number of initiatives that have been attempted over the years. In this paper, Dylan Wiliam identifies that the main reasons most system-wide reforms have failed and offers one potential solution: improving the pedagogy and practice of teachers working in today’s classrooms with new models of professional development and leadership.

Sustaining Formative Assessment with Teacher Learning Communities

By Dylan Wiliam and Siobhán Leahy

Implementing changes in classroom pedagogy, such as classroom formative assessment, is more difficult than it might appear. Wiliam and Leahy argue that we need to think carefully about how to support teachers in developing their use of classroom formative assessment and suggest a practical solution in teacher learning communities (TLCs).